DSM Weekly Search Marketing Digest – 13/06/14

June 13, 2014 - Digital State Marketing

knowledge-is-power-higbieA very interesting article about how mobile isn’t the destination, it’s a way stop along the journey towards that fabled Internet of Everything.  Basically, if you’ve not embraced mobile yet, not only are you behind the curve, you’re likely to miss the turning when everyone else gets off the road and goes somewhere new.


Not exactly a surprise but negative SEO works and it’s all around you – brief details here. One take away, I suppose, is that whether you want to be engaged in active SEO work or not, you might HAVE to be when your competitors decide to target you negatively.

Perhaps the Penguin update should’ve been called the Pandora’s Box update instead – at the risk of being flippant, Google tried to eliminate black hat SEO but instead they’ve created a whole industry of black hat SEO instead.

Law of Unintended Consequences?  Or does Google just like keeping the organic industry in flux so that there’s always profitability in PPC?

I couldn’t possible comment.


To talk more practically about the active work of generating inbound links, here’s a nice primer on the power of “no follow” links.  Whilst there’s an element of preaching to the choir (does anyone not value “no follow” anymore?!), it’s still useful to think about the variety of benefits so that one can ensure they’re all being maximised.


Everyone is always talking (DSM included) about the need for joined-up, or holistic, thinking when it comes to seartch marketing.  However, it’s worth stepping back sometimes and realising that specialism is not a dirty word – doing something specific and doing it well is vital.  A great article on this here.


I flagged this on our Twitter feed earlier this week but I wanted to give it another thumbs up – we often, loftily, talk about sites needing to improving their conversion quality but this tool is excellent for providing immediate and practical feedback to help with specific landing pages.  Whether you run a PPC campaign or just want better conversions for your organic traffic, give it a try.

And on the subject of great new tools, Moz has released this little beauty to help with that other bug bear of all search marketeers: the dreaded <not provided> black hole.  I’ve not yet garnered enough data to make a final judgement on it but anything that helps regain that lost data is a blessing.  Has it been accurate for you?


At the heart of every successful Adwords campaign is an addict obsessed with Quality Scores.  As such, insights from an ex-Google employee on the nature of Quality Score couldn’t be more relevant to anyone wishing to squeeze every bit of profitability out of their PPC campaigns.  Oh look what we have here – you’re welcome!


And, lastly, an incredibly in-depth look at cannibalisation of content and semantic flux.  Or, in English, how you need to consider how your site may be fighting against itself and, by extension, confusing Google over your true authority.


As always, we love to hear your thoughts on these or any other questions in the search marketing firmament – just drop us a comment below (or via our social media).

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