As a search marketing company, the team here at Digital State Marketing are more accustomed to thinking of social media in terms of marketing. Social platforms are a great source of information about what web users are interested in, which can be funnelled into creating great content. These platforms are also the perfect place to release these content and other marketing offers to a highly targeted audience.

While social media is not generally considered to be one of the key factors in Google’s core algorithm, its role is not fully understood by the industry. Surely, as an active traffic source, it will act as barometer of the popularity of the website and its content?

Social media isn’t however, just limited to marketing purposes. It is a great tool to reaching out to your businesses audience on a human level; which of course can be a blessing and a curse. There is a growing trend for unhappy clients/customers to take to Twitter or Facebook to rant about any issues that they have with a brand, rather than calling customer services. Many of these posts will include the company’s social handles, as a way of baiting a response.

Handled well, these instances create the perfect opportunity to show that your levels of customer services are exemplary and even gain interest from other users.tweet

Conversely, it can serve as a very public forum for just how badly wrong you or your social media team can get it.  Like the time back in 2015, that Donald Trump was tricked into retweeting a picture of the notorious British serial killers Fred and Rose West.

tweet 1

Failing to respond to online criticism as a solution is a mixed bag. By not engaging with the comments, you reduce the risk of increasing the spread of the post by adding the weight of your brand behind it. That said, if the post is strong enough, it can gain attention all by itself.

Perhaps the best strategy for customer service on social media is the same as that for its marketing role. By remembering that the users are people and that a human touch will always work best in terms of interaction. People rarely want to talk to robots!

If you would like to discuss how your social media campaign can become more humanised, check out Digital State Marketing.