Social media score systems, from an SEO company perspective

//Social media score systems, from an SEO company perspective

Social media score systems, from an SEO company perspective

There is no single and absolute program to answer the question of ‘how well are my social media campaigns performing’, nor will there ever be. Managing social media accounts is very personal with each account being totally different and there are a variety of metrics that may provide evidence for the quality of a campaign. The needs of companies are different and what may work for one company may not work for another. General figures such as number of likes, number of post responses etc will always be important metrics and it is figures like these which can be collated through programs such as Klout. As an SEO company, we wanted to talk about their effectiveness in helping companies decide hows best to continue with social media.

So what is Klout? It’s an online program or app which uses social media analytics to rank its users according to social influence. Your social media avenues are looked at with an overall score between 1 and 100 returned – the idea being the higher the number, the stronger your social media presence. Initially focusing on Twitter, Klout then takes other linked social media into consideration, aggregating data and altering the score accordingly. Rather than looking at social media and creating an average influence, it’s accumulative. Therefore, the more social media connected to Klout, the better.

Its focus on numbers such as number of followers, numbers following, number of retweets, etc indeed play their part. However, it looks predominantly at how influential the users are, how they are engaging and therefore, the score is certainly worth knowing and trying to improve. From this, it is apparent that having a small audience whom engage regularly with you, is regarded as more important than a large audience that does not.

As an SEO company, why is this so important to us here at Digital State Marketing? Taking simple brand recognition, which is essential in itself, out of the equation, the more people who react and engage in your social media activity, the more likely they are to share your comments, like you, retweet you and more, thus creating not only returning customers but also new previously unknown customers. Better still, these users may view your website.

Let’s not forget the importance of running a successful campaign. It’s no good boring people with messages or telling lies (these will only come back and bite you). Instead, your activity needs to be engaging, enticing, and above all, it has to be something your viewers want to read and want to interact with.

So, coming back to the scoring system, you can see how looking at the score will be a useful indication of how well you’re managing your social media. True, each and every campaign needs to be looked at individually so you can see what works and what doesn’t so you can manage your strategies accordingly. However, it’s certainly a good idea to keep an eye on your Klout score.

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