After the storm in search marketing

//After the storm in search marketing

After the storm in search marketing

As an SEO company, of late, it can feel that there is a degree of repetition within our annual calendar. Around May, there is likely to be a Panda update and around October for some SEO’s the mention of penguins is more likely to scare them than Halloween.  This year we have had the added fun of the additional avian treats in the form of Hummingbird and Pigeon, but we adapt and continue our search marketing campaigns. If a recent article on SE Round Table is to be believed, then negative SEO is a real and active threat. Which would mean that even those who opt for the whitest of white SEO techniques will have to start being concerned about the annual updates, and how not just their profiles are perceived but also how the steps they take to manage them throughout the year are perceived too.

So when the updates happen, how should search marketing campaigns deal with the aftermath of the algorithmic storm? Well, in an anticlimactic fashion, there is no simple answer. If your site hasnRed Devil Penguin’t been affected or has seen positive effects, then maybe allow yourself a little celebratory moment (I recommend a quick dance around the office to “Shake if off” by Taylor Swift, but that might just be me) and then get back to ensuring that your site is running smoothly and writing fresh content.

If, however, you are unfortunate enough to be one of those affected, then don’t despair. Get in touch with the person running your search marketing campaign as there are a number of steps that can be taken. One of the first steps is always to work out what is happening: have you been penalised as a result of the update or have your competitors just come out of the changes more favourably? By this I mean that there may be nothing wrong with your current content/links profile but suddenly the efforts of your competitors maybe be more favourable to Google. To spend time and money eradicating sections of your portfolio may be counterintuitive in a situation where utilising your resources to strengthen an area maybe more prudent. Conversely, taking steps to review and cleanse your links portfolio would be the first step if either negative SEO or a negative response to an update is suspected.

If you have been negatively affected by an update or negative SEO, get in touch with the team at Digital State Marketing.

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