Targeting Users With Content for Effective Search Marketing

June 1, 2015 - Digital State Marketing

When writing content for your search marketing campaign, it’s important to target your audience effectively. Whilst this may sound obvious, it can be all too easy to deter current and potential users by not focusing enough or focusing to specifically on the wrong group.


First of all, you need to consider what demographic you are targeting. Research whether the majority of your customers are male or female, what age they are, what social class they are and so on. This can help you target your content towards those groups, or target a demographic you want to draw towards your site who may not otherwise know about you. A site selling body care products, for example, may have a predominately female audience and tailor content as such. They might also, however, target some content towards men who may not be aware of their products, and would design the content towards newcomers as such.

Depth of Content

When writing content for your search marketing campaign, you also need to consider user needs in regards to the depth of the content. This is closely related to considerations of demographic as certain factors such as education may play a role in the depth and detail of content. First of all, you need to consider what it is you sell and whether an in-depth approach is appropriate or not. A website selling groceries may find that their audience is not interested in the ins and outs of the food sold, whereas a website selling vitamin supplements may find that their users require detailed guides and advice. Some industries, such as the clothing industry, may find that the approach they take needs a little more personalisation and research into the demographic. A clothes website selling to the ethics-conscious, for example, may find that a detailed, factual approach works best. On the other hand, if they are selling to a more general audience then they may find a broader, simpler approach works best.

What Do They Want to Know?

Finally, once you’ve got a good grasp of who your demographic are and how in-depth they like their content, you need to figure out what it is they want to know. You might want to get your customer services team involved in this one. Whilst most, if not all, sites will benefit from some generic information, you should also target content specifically towards the questions your users want answering. To use the clothes shop example, maybe your customers are frequently asking for clothes size conversions? If so, write a helpful piece on the topic. That way, you know that users will appreciate your content, and those within the company can direct customers or potential customers towards the answers to their frequently asked questions.

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