With the growing popularity of company websites, Search Marketing is becoming increasingly instrumental in ensuring online success. Optimising search results on servers such as Google helps sites naturally rise in rankings and increase their business presence. With the development of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others, several businesses have shifted focus to advertising on social media alone.

While social media sites have a huge following online, social marketing has a limited return of investment when not paired with a search marketing campaign. Increasing online presence in this way targets more consumers who are searching specifically for a product, while targeting social media users alone may not capture the focus of an audience that is simply browsing. A consumer’s intent to buy a product is often the one major difference in making a search level more important than a social media advertisement or presence.

The pairing of a legitimate social marketing presence in addition to an established search marketing campaign not only increases a company’s page rank online, but drives traffic to that site. As online advertising continues to cause businesses to increase their client base, appearing reputable online and in search results are necessary elements in ensuring this need. Competition for a great page ranking is a driving force behind the necessity of a recognisable search result.

Increasing search result ranking is not only necessary and effective, but cost friendly. While simply purchasing advertisements on Facebook may drive business, advertising to a searching consumer with a visible online site produces long-term results. In this way, search marketing is both cost effective and legitimate, and can be increased with a presence on social media platforms. To continue reading about an excellent pairing of search engine optimisation and social media, visit the Digital State Marketing. At Digital State Marketing we use ethical search marketing techniques to help our clients appear more prominent in the search engine rankings, we can also help you to develop a successful pay-per-click campaign, if you have any questions or for more information please call one of our helpful team members on 01229 484290.