The SEO world was shook up once again last month with the introduction of Google’s latest change to their Algorithm “The Hummingbird.” This latest Google update was said to be centred solely on the search demands of the end user of today. In achieving this, it aims to deliver the most accurate results in the fastest way. As the weeks have passed then, the question that has faced Search Marketing Companies has been the effect of the Hummingbird. Humming Bird

Google introduced the Panda update, which focused on cracking down on bad content, then we saw the Penguin, which moved in on bad quality links. A change in algorithm always means a change in Google’s search results. So what has changed with the latest update? Here at the Search Marketing Company, we turn your attention to the impact the Hummingbird has had on link building. This has been a subject frequently raised due to the increasingly strict nature of the approach adopted to link building following the updates. According to Google, the Hummingbird hasn’t actually swarmed in and made a difference to SEO and online marketers. In fact, the aim remains the same; providing the user with what they are looking for, quickly and easily.

However, like the other updates, the Hummingbird does influence the way link building is carried out and the incentive and motives behind these links. The aim embedded in the Google updates is that these links will be genuine and designed to provide the end user with what they want in the most legitimate ways. Our Search Marketing Company understands that this means SEO’s are no longer able to manipulate links to trick Google into perceiving their search website as more authoritative and helpful then they actually are! So how does the Hummingbird ensure this no longer takes place? The Hummingbird allows Google to notice high bounce rates, the lack of natural social sharing and other quality signals, in a faster way.

The result? Essentially, links to poor content will fail. The message Google makes here is that link building needs to be focused on the end user, something Search Marketing Companies like Digital State Marketing understand. We acknowledge that end users must be provided with real, significant and valuable results. 
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