Digital State Marketing is based in the UK, which allows us to have an intimate and interactive relationship with our customers.  At Digital State Marketing we aim to provide our clients with the best set of data that we can provide. As we believe that good relevant data, leads to informed decisions which in turn create positive marketing campaigns.

This premise starts with our comprehensive proposal documents which are issued to our potential customers. These documents contain an in-depth analysis of their website in relation to potentially developing an effective search marketing campaign. This includes data from our own content tool which we use to assess the amount of content already present on the website. We also drill down on potential long tail terms and assess the current anchor link strength.

If you are interested in receiving a tailor made proposal, call (01229) 484 290 to be put in contact with one of our sales team based in the uk.

For our existing clients we produce a monthly report containing detailed data from the previous month. The data included is gathered from various resources to create a detailed picture of not only the work we have done for them but also on the websites performance in a number of fields.  For example, one of the areas in which we provide a detailed breakdown, is an analysis of the search engines in relation to the levels of traffic generated.

One of the most powerful tools that we use is Google analytics, which covers a multitude of different ways to analyse your data. We take this raw data and present it in an informative way, so that we can work to create the best search marketing campaigns possible.  We are constantly looking into new ways to develop these reports to provide the most relevant information for each individual client.

A large part of this is the collation of data from previous periods, so that the accounts managers can determine relevant trends in the data and optimise the campaign accordingly. We offer an exemplary level of communication with our clients, allowing a free exchange of ideas about how they want their campaigns to proceed. This is further advanced by our ability to produce ad hoc data on specific areas of interest in order to be as comprehensive as we can. We also feel that being based solely in the UK helps develop our customer relations and ensures product quality.