Most clients before signing with Digital State Marketing, will ask the questions:

“What happens after the contracted project has been executed?”

“Do we still need the service of a search marketing company?”

Naturally, at the end of their SEO project, their search engine ranking positions have hopefully been improved and they are reaping a healthy return from their investment. Some wrongly think that when someone gets to the number one slot, they will stay there but when we think it through logically, this can not be the case.

The commercial reality is that there is a constant battle to gain and improve positions. The competition will not sit in the bottom half of the table and wish you well, they will be attacking your position and the ROI that they know it can bring.

The way in which search engines rank and prioritise the positioning of sites (SERPS) change constantly, focussing on different areas and trying to penalise, justifiably, those that try to beat the system and ‘cheat’ Google, Yahoo! or any of the other market leaders. It is the role and responsibility of an ethical SEO firm, such as the Search Marketing Group, to be aware of these developments and to advise its clients accordingly.

Link popularity is an essential component of SEO. The higher the number of authoritative sites that continue to link to you that are thematic; ie. follow a common theme, the more encouraged the search engines will be to rank your site above that of your competitors. When we think about it in its simplest terms, if a site is gaining 10 new links a month and then does not attract a link for several months, the logical deduction would be that the site is no longer as popular as it was.

Links should be built and the freshness maintained by building a good looking, natural link curve that shows that you have a right to a good search ranking. Not to plough hundreds of links all at once into a site, this will merely be regarded as “spammy” or over–engineered. Clients need to keep the site fresh and interesting both in terms of its content and its link profile.