Why use an external search marketing company for your business?

//Why use an external search marketing company for your business?

Why use an external search marketing company for your business?

The importance of search marketing is vital as more and more people use the internet rather than relying on traditional methods of search. If your site is on page 6 of google then the likelihood is it won’t be found as browsers will have found what they were looking at on the first or second page. Many companies have realised this and have tried to start search engine optimisation campaigns internally, however it may be better value to use an external search marketing company.

If you decide to do search engine optimisation internally then you may have to employ someone specifically for that task. This not only takes time and effort to do but in the long run it can be very costly as you have another salary to pay. The alternative is to give the task of search marketing to an employee you already have. In theory this seems ideal. They know your company and as they already work for you there will be no extra associated costs. This is perhaps where the benefits stop. If your employee is given extra tasks then this will draw their time and resources from another area that they are likely to be skilled in. The likelihood is that they will not have a thorough knowledge of search marketing and even if they do it is a broad area that requires lots of knowledge. This means your employee may do wonderfully in one area of seo but fail miserably at another as they don’t know enough about it. By the time this becomes evident you will already have wasted time and resources so it may be better to use a search marketing company from the start to avoid this eventuality.

If you use a search marketing company you can be assured that the people dealing with your company are experts and as there is likely to be more than one person working on your campaign people will be specialised in their niche area. This means that your campaign will be carefully nurtured and all key areas will receive the attention they deserve. It also means that your staff can focus their attention where it should be, rather than them having to learn a new and often complex skill.

If you decide to choose a search marketing company then ensure you choose carefully. Look for things such as google partnership status. This means the company is accredited by google so staff have sat google accredited exams and the company will be kept up to date with any google changes or details. This is vital if you want your search marketing campaign to be successful as changes to google algorithms can have an impact on your search marketing campaign.

The Digital State Marketing are leaders in the area of search marketing and will be able to help with all areas of your online campaign including pay per click (PPC) campaigns. They will be able to evaluate your website and tailor a campaign to your exact needs. Digital State Marketing are also proud to the Google partners. Get in touch today to learn more.

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