Long Tail Targeting & How To Increase Sales

//Long Tail Targeting & How To Increase Sales

Long Tail Targeting & How To Increase Sales

Long tail targeting (LTT) is one way to increase the number of visitors to your site, and if your site sells items then it can also increase your number of sales. This is of obvious benefit to your company so surely long tail targeting is something that requires careful thought and consideration.

So what exactly is long tail targeting?

Long Tail Targeting & How To Increase Sales

The Long Tail

If you’re browsing on the internet for an item it is likely that you may search for quite a specific thing. So rather than searching for a “laptop” you may search for an “acer laptop under £500”or rather than “riding hat” you may search for “black children’s riding hat”. This use of specific search terms of three or four descriptive words is where LTT comes into being.

How does this benefit you? 

If someone searches for the keyword “laptop” a lot of sites will come up which aren’t in fact relevant so the user will click on the site but very quickly click off again. If they have searched for “acer laptop under £500” this will bring up fewer, but far more relevant sites. The browser is likely to stay longer on your site and as the item they want is more easily accessible they are more likely to spend their money.

By focusing on your long tail it ensures that customers with specific search needs are directed to you.  If someone is being specific in their search terms then it is far more likely that they will spend their money as they know exactly what they want.

This approach clearly makes sense to implement but it requires careful thought and consideration. Not only do you need to work out what keywords to use but you also need to target and optimise that keyword through writing quality content. If you concentrate on the most popular keyword search terms at the top it means you are missing all the keywords at the tail end and it is these that can dramatically increase your traffic. Keywords at the top are generally highly competitive whereas those in the tail can be more focused, and as they are less competitive people are more likely to find you if they use them in their searches.  These factors mean it can be a daunting and time consuming task to implement long tail targeting into your website.

Sometimes it may be better to leave this to the professionals. Here at Digital State Marketing we have a team of experts ready to help. If you are interested in seeing what a difference long tail targeting can make to your site then contact the Digital State Marketing for more details.

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