How to use You Tube to positively influence your SEO campaign

//How to use You Tube to positively influence your SEO campaign

How to use You Tube to positively influence your SEO campaign

The importance of social media in search marketing and seo has never been more important than now. However, social media often focuses on media such as Twitter and Facebook and You Tube is often forgotten about. The question a Google partner Manchester wants to answer is whether, and how, You Tube can positively influence your SEO campaign.

The 2014 VidCon convention (an online video convention for people who make, support or watch online videos) had 18,000 attendees. This perhaps shows the popularity of online videos as the convention is often used by people wanting to expand their business contacts and company profiles. You Tube itself gets over 1 billion unique views a month with over 6 billion hours of video viewed and each of those viewers can then subscribe to channels they like or favourite videos. Video content appeals as it can instantly attract your attention and answer queries in seconds without having to read a load of text.

This strongly suggests to Google Partner Manchester that You Tube can be used as an effective medium to target your audience. However, you need to consider the best way to reach them and incorporate positive search marketing strategies into the content.

All social media needs frequent content uploads. You may have a You Tube channel but unless content is uploaded then no-one will really use it. For example if you own a handyman company uploading a video giving DIY advice on a regular basis will create subscribers. If you do it twice then forget about it, any interest generated will be lost. Another advantage of regularly uploading content is that you will get more views which increases your rankings on You Tube.

Ensure titles contain keywords and some branding. Long tail keywords variants are likely to generate the most clicks!  Ensure you optimise tags ad that they are all relevant.

At the end of your video create a call to action asking viewers to like or favourite the video and subscribe to the channel. The more popular a video is, the higher it will feature in You Tubes search so getting those likes is vital. The other advantage of having lots of likes or subscribers is that it instils confidence in new browsers. After all, if a company has 1,000 likes as opposed to 3 then they must be doing something right and be good at what they do.

If people comment on the post then ensure you comment back and generate conversation as comments generate ratings. You can encourage browsers on your other social media platforms to view videos as they are more likely to leave positive feedback but by creating inbound links you are also increasing the likelihood of better rankings.

If you would like more information on You Tube and social media campaigns contact the Digital State Marketing. We have Google Partner Manchester status and are able to complete social media analysis for your company which will show you areas in which you can improve. Contact us today for more information.

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