Web marketing is an umbrella term for marketing products and/or services online, this can be applied in a number of ways. The Search Marketing Group offers an array of web marketing solutions including search marketing, website design, copy writing and affiliate marketing. However, web marketing as a field is always developing new methods of increasing online presences. A good example of this is the rise of using blogs for business purposes. No longer are blogs solely the realm of travel stories and teenage angst, now they are a viable secondary presence on the web for businesses. It has been said that blogs provide an inexpensive way to establish an Internet presence that allows you to interact with potential customers.

Search Marketing and Web design are perhaps the largest subsections of Web marketing. Digital State Marketing is primarily a search marketing company; however we have a very capable in house web design team. We are currently working on web builds for a number of ecommerce sites, using a variety of different platforms such as Joomla and Magento.


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As previously stated search marketing is a large part of web marketing, as it is the optimisation of sites for producing higher results in the search engines. While pay per click (ppc) is a factor in this process, Digital State Marketing primarily focuses on the organic search results, as they are more viable in the long run.  Organic results are produced by creating web sites that are tailored to the search engines site analysis algorithms. As opposed to PPC which is a paid service, this means that companies with bigger budgets are more likely to secure the best positioning.

Another service offered by Digital State Marketing is in-depth reporting primarily based on Google analytics. The reports also contain information from a range of other sources including a range of custom built software. This data helps to create a picture of how our client’s web marketing projects are developing.

Web marketing also covers link building services. Link building is time consuming and is almost impossible to do without access to a large online community. Digital State Marketing has built up a strong online community and as such can provide links from industry relevant sites and a range of PRs. We also take the time to check every link individually, to ensure that the sites have been cached and that there are no outbound links to inappropriate services.

Another principal aspect of web marketing is the creation of good quality content and the knowledge of how to correctly tag this content throughout your site.  The treatment of the Meta data is an important tool in optimising sites for the search market. Many companies feel that they can create their own content; however, the main implication of content writing is the time constraints. While the method of writing good content for web marketing purposes can be learned, the time it takes to write quality content over a prolonged period is where the ultimate cost lies. Digital State Marketing can take the hassle out of writing content, while producing high quality web marketing friendly copy.

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