Nearly every personal computer has a set of fonts installed, which are usually put there by the computer manufacturer or by default of whatever operating system the computer is using. This doesn’t mean you are stuck with the same font, as it is possible to install additional fonts on your own.

However, not all font sets are created equal. Different computers can have very different font packages installed and most casual computer users never know the difference. When building a website design it is important to keep this in mind as if you decide to use a font on your website that a visitor doesn’t have installed, the font will render differently. That is why your website designer needs to keep in mind web safe fonts when creating your website design.

So if you want to come across this hurdle make sure you use web safe fonts during website development as computers which aren’t installed with those fonts can sometimes render quite differently to what it should be. Web safe fonts are the most common fonts which are usually installed into every modern computer. Modern operating systems and web browsers keep these in mind. Some old computers may not have these installed but they are only a minority, therefore nothing much to worry about!

So when your website developer is creating your website, make sure they take into account web safe fonts.

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