The videos posted by Matt Cutts, head of search spam at Google, give search marketing companies an insight into the operations of the world’s favourite search engine. Most recently, Matt has addressed the question, “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?” At the Digital State Marketing, we are going to summarise Matts point from his response.

Penguin 2.0

This video is not the first time Matt has mentioned that a Penguin update is the horizon that is likely to shake the world of search marketing. He has stated that the next generation of Penguin (Penguin 2.0) is due for release soon. The webspam detection update will be much more comprehensive than Penguin 1.0 and will go deeper and have more of an impact by detecting black hat SEO techniques and addressing them.


Advertorials should not be used as a means to flow PR to sites. Matt has stated that search marketing companies and webmasters should expect a stronger enforcement of advertorials that violate the webmaster guidelines.

Cleaning up specific areas

Matt stated that feedback has shown that certain spammy queries need to be addressed alongside a general clean up. For example, pay day loans or pornographic related queries will be specific areas that will be targeted.

Sophisticated Link Analysis System

Although the system is only in the very early stages, Matt promised that a more sophisticated link analysis software is being developed to make Google better at understanding links.

Hacked Sites

The head of search spam stated that Google is currently working on a new feature that will lead to the better detection of hacked sites as well as improving communication with webmasters regarding hacked sites.


Matt mentioned boosting the rankings of sites that are an authority in a specific industry, such as medical or travel, which will result in the user receiving sites with more authority over those with less


Google is looking for ways to soften the impact on borderline cases that have been previously hit by the Panda updates by looking at some additional signals and quality metrics.

Webmaster Communication

As always, Matt mentioned Google’s want to improve communication with webmasters. Matt Cutts said in his video to expect even more detailed examples within webmaster notifications received within Google Webmaster Tools.

As well as the points raised above, Matt explained that the purpose of the changes is to reduce the use of black hat spam techniques being used whilst allowing smaller companies that abide by the rules and use white hat techniques to be rewarded by ranking better. For more information on ethical search marketing techniques, visit our website today or contact Digital State Marketing for a no obligation chat.