Black Hat techniques can result in your website being penalised in the search engine rankings and in some cases being completely banned from the search engines all together. This is because the search engines want to bring people the best results and therefore do not take kindly to people trying to manipulate this.  So, simply don’t use black hat techniques!

One mistake a lot of people make is keyword stuffing. This is where you repeat a specific keyword over and over again on your website. The assumption is that the more times you repeat the certain key phrase, the better rankings you will get. But this is not the case as the search engines are not stupid! Make sure you use specific keywords intelligently and appropriately.

Some websites have a list of keywords at the bottom of their page e.g: “Search Marketing, Search Marketing Cumbria, Search Engine Marketing…” This is pointless as the search engines realise what you are doing and do not consider it in their search algorithm.

There are many other Black Hat tactics out there which should also be looked down upon. Search engines aren’t stupid and employ the best people in the industry to track down the websites which are going against their practice. For more information on a White Hat SEO campaign with Digital State Marketing contact us now.