1. Blogging: This is an important strategy of your website. Being able to blog properly allows you to be engaged with all of the social media networks and communicate with all communities at once. Creating content is a key skill in search marketing, and blogging allows you to do this effectively. Any type of content that suits your business is necessary, as the content you publish is ultimately going to be consumed by your prospective or current customers. Make sure that you optimise key phrases in the body and include anchor links where appropriate.

2. Facebook: This social media network is simply too large to ignore. Facebook can be used in order to make a micro-site, which takes your page beyond simple wall posts. Create a Welcome page or an offer page that shows people that have not liked your page offer details and to people that have how to fulfil that offer. Make the most of the site, and update regular Discussions, Photos, Videos, etc.

3. YouTube: Having a YouTube account allows you to upload videos that are suited to your business. These may be videos on: ‘how to’ use your products, latest products, advertising offers, etc. The list is endless; upload almost anything you want to share with your customers. You can customise the background of your page to show your companies identity.

4. Twitter: If you want to share your content with your customers, Twitter is a very good way to. Updating your ‘tweets’ with links to your blog will take existing followers to your site, as well as bringing you new followers by people manually searching for similar content. As with YouTube, you can add your own custom background to show your identity. Also use Twitter similarly to Facebook in updating your ‘tweets’ with messages to current customers and potential ones.

5. LinkedIn: This site is great for companies to make new business and maintain existing business. You can update your own company page and join other group pages. LinkedIn is all about making connections and is great for all businesses, big or small.

If you would like to take on a social media campaign, but are not sure which social networking site will work best for you, contact Digital State Marketing now for more information.