Search marketing operates utilising the algorithms of search engines across the web and the undisputed king of the internet, yes…not just search engines, the internet, is Google. Founded in 1998, Google had an operating profit of 11.7 Billion (with a B) in 2011! Rapid growth and clever acquisitions of subsidiary companies has given Google a market share higher than 75% in most countries, with only a small number of countries (who have very strong and solely locally focused companies) not having Google as the number 1 search engine in the marketplace.

Google has grown to be unarguably the most successful venture in the internet and manages this by constant updating the algorithms it utilises to process its search queries and its staunch refusal not to reward shady search marketing tactics. Often, search marketing is split into two brands, called White Hat and Black Hat search engine optimisation. Black Hat refers to the shady techniques that can lead Google to simply remove you from its search results or at the least push you down the rankings.  And the size of your company is irrelevant here too – Google removed BMW Germany off its results after the algorithm uncovered poor practices; BMW fixed the problem and was returned to the results).

At DSM we wear the White Hat and practice what is called ethical search marketing which involves using techniques that conform to the search engines’ guidelines and rules. Generally the way this is done is by creating content not specifically for the search engine but instead being user focussed and making that content easily accessible by the tools and algorithms Google use to process their queries.

In 2009 Google had higher revenue than the gross domestic product (GDP) of 28 countries combined. 1 Billion unique visitors come to Google each month, that is 1 in every 7 people on the planet and those that do spend 200 Billion minutes of combined time on Google and its sites. More often than not the working day is spent by opening the web browser and powering up the Google search; this is true for leisure activities due to the ease to find a place to go in the evenings with Google Maps. Clearly search marketing is capable of finding a business a great deal of success by using expert techniques and tricks when it comes to attaining page ranking and solid search engine optimisation in Google results.