With Google increasingly becoming the way internet users navigate the web, it has never been more important for businesses to have a high ranking on this search engine. The many business owners who believe they do not need to market their website or that marketing the website would improve their business are sadly mistaken.

For people still unaware of what the search marketing industry is, it is basically the practice of improving and promoting a website in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines. So, any business looking to increase their customer base would benefit from these services. For example, a local picture frame shop currently receives business from current customers, people who have noticed the shop on the street, and people who have seen advertisements if the shop has an advertising plan. With search marketing, someone looking to have a picture framed types “local frame shop” into Google. Then 85% of the traffic from that search result will only go to the top three results on Google. If that frame shop is not in the top three or even on the first page, they are losing business. So, even businesses that do not sell anything online and do not believe they need search engine optimisation are missing the fact that they need to sell themselves and their services online to attract more customers.

Once a business decides to engage in marketing for their website, it is important to find an ethical and dependable search marketing company. There are some SM companies out there that engage in black hat tactics that may increase their client’s rankings at first, but will eventually result in Google discovering the unethical tactics and punishing the website by taking them out of their rankings altogether. One such tactic is including hidden content with keyword-stuffed website code that is invisible to an actual visitor to the site. Two other tactics are stuffing the meta description and meta titles with key words. If you hire a company to increase your Google rankings and notice any of these tactics being used on your website, terminate their services and call an ethical SEO company like Digital State Marketing.