Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential element in a search marketing campaign. SEO helps to achieve online success whether you are a small to medium enterprise or corporate business. Without the use of SEO your website will be unknown to your target audience.

SEO is not a short term quick fix. Enrolling on an SEO campaign means that you will have to carry out some hard work, mainly in relation to content. It also requires lots of patience as results do not happen overnight!

Here are a couple of top tips for a SEO campaign…

Content – This could be the most important part of your campaign. Content needs to be unique and specific so that it will appeal to people. Good content which is fresh and updated regularly will bring back customers and are more likely to link to your site which will gradually improve search engine rankings.

Links – Content is important for your site to be recommended by other websites. Search marketing isn’t easy and gaining incoming links may prove to the hardest part of your campaign. Don’t be put off though, hard work pays off and works effectively for your websites search engine optimisation and search engine ranking position.

Don’t fool the Search Engines! Never use black hat tactics such as cloaking, link farming, keyword stuffing, alt text spamming or any other black hat tactics. This may gain your website a quick fix, but could risk your website getting penalised and being banned from the search engines all together! The aim of the search engine is to be accurate and bring the user the best result, and the search engine does not like being tricked!

To check your site for how well it is performing currently, why not run it through our free tools for a quick overview – this will give you a good starting point for deeper analysis.

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