Google has recently introduced a new addition to its search engine – the + 1 button. It is a social plugin feature that allows you to show publicly which sites you like or would recommend to others on the internet.  It is set apart from other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, by its affiliation with the search marketing experts. Next to search engine results there is now a + 1 logo next to it which allows users to give their recommendation for that site.

Google describes its +1 feature as being able to give a website “your stamp of approval”. So what does this mean for search marketers? Does giving another website a recommendation increase its visibility in the search engine results pages? According to research, not many people have adopted the +1 button, as there has only been a 1% increase in people using it. It has been suggested that online marketing companies may have to start using it in order to keep up with an increase in using the +1 technique.

Some search marketing experts have said that it will definitely influence online marketing techniques, even if it doesn’t right now, it will in a few years time. If this becomes the case, digital marketing companies will have to change their campaigns to account for the Google change. Google takes up 80% of the search market, therefore it would be something not to overlook. Search marketing companies will have to implement a strategy themselves; however it is also necessary to assess the market response before jumping on the band wagon.

Others have pointed out that it is a tool that has great value. From an SEO perspective, the more people that +1, the higher their rank will be ultimately improving the value of a page.

However, some have disregarded this by stating that businesses who earn money by increasing traffic to their site will have to use +1 more than those who just showcase their products.

At Digital State Marketing we believe that the +1 plugin could be useful for analytics reporting. Google will be able to monitor if the feature is a success by seeing how many people are using it, and taking the time to recommend a website. We also believe that the +1 feature won’t replace search marketing, it will more act as an aid.

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