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Reporting & Analysis:

Providing Proprietary reporting platforms, bespoke to our clients needs. Intelligent communications strategies & analytical frameworks.

Our reporting is bespoke to every single client. We can incorporate data from almost any area into a bespoke client dashboard that clients access online.


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Reporting & Analysis

Reporting lies at the heart of our methodology. We’ve developed a bespoke monthly reporting framework that incorporates the very best of  Google Analytics results, alongside almost any other data that the client requires. Often we can provide different reports for the board and management teams depending upon their requirements.
All reports, in accessible online dashboard format have running commentary thats hand written articulating what we have done and what we plan to do.
Then we seek before your approval to put these results into practice the following month. Only by having a two-way communication , can we work truly in partnership with our client’s.

When any client starts a campaign with Digital State, we provide a detailed monthly report that gives you all the information you’d ever need about the campaigns we run on your behalf, along with a complete budget breakdown.  We also provide an ‘inspection of services’ clause within our terms and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

DSM always endeavour to reply to our clients within realistic and pre-agreed time frames.  We operate a tried and tested work ticket system to this effect.

All campaigns are agreed by contract and are payable by standing order only.

Full sets of Terms of Business are available on the footer of our website and will be provided by hyperlink on order forms.

We’re frequently asked to undertake ‘analysis-only services’, on behalf of our clients.

This is where we provide a full & comprehensive analysis of your current website or Analytics set up.

The analysis will ascertain whether there are any issues or potential issues with your website as it stands. We can also make recommendations on how to improve it in the future, so it can work to it’s full potential.

Often this reporting is a regular feature for larger sites and can form part of the pack presented to board level by marketing managers or directors.

Digital marketing creates and requires data.

Simply having data though, isn’t going to change anything. Data must be accurate, understood and set in context to be actionable and useful to your specific KPI’s.

Utilising DSM’s experienced agency specialists means you’ll be provided with REALLY meaningful data. As well as any trends and patterns that should inform your decision making.

Since the turn of the Noughties, we’ve been interrogating hundreds of client briefs versus their actual campaign KPI’s.  The clarity we offer on whether your goals and KPI’s will genuinely get you from A to B has made us renowned experts.

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Don’t just take it from us

Digital State provide international SEO for the 15,000 strong business’ objectives delivering across four operational territories: UK, France, Germany & Sweden. Service inclusion covers: SEO, corporate digital training and MI reporting in three languages.

UNIPER ENERGY SERVICES, Germany's largest energy provider ($83 Billion in sales)

“Digital State have increased Return on Ad spend (ROAS) from  4 X  to 11x  over a 9 month period, delighted.
I used a very large agency before and felt like I was helping to train the guy, never again. Digital State all the way”

Men's fashion retailer, Designerwear - £26 Million T/O.

A 52.02% drop in the cost per acquisition in the first quarter and increased sales for the same spend. The agency fee was covered and profit on top in the first 12 weeks. We have been running PPC for 12 years and are seriously impressed

B2B office supplier, £3 Million sales

We have achieved the same sales for £20,000 a month LESS  within 10 months. Digital State will have made us an extra £1M in 4 years, minimum.

MyNextMatress, Home furnishings company - 11 branches.

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Want to increase sales, reduce costs of sale and build brand awareness? 

Paid Media specialists are your safest route to consistent and robust ROAS.

With near immediate results, find out how our highly experienced paid media specialists could get you almost 8 x your ad spend ASAP.

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Does your website give you the edge over your competition? 

Ensure you are positioned as the authority in your sector and use all the very latest SEO techniques, guaranteed to put you ahead of the competition.

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Conversion rate optimisation

Is your website fully maximising profitability? 

Speak to our CRO specialists and check your website’s usability and performance develops in-line with your customers experience & expectations.

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