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    Engaging Content for your Website

    Improving a site’s credibility is not just about content development; it’s about providing content that Google appreciates is authoritative and that resonates with others.

    An authority on a subject will, naturally, be knowledgeable. Moreover, they will be a source of information – people will refer to them, quote them, ask them questions, await their latest thoughts, subscribe to articles, read books by them. Google can judge this itself, to a degree, through its LSI caching but it can also use traffic data and links to confirm its opinion of credible content.

    Therefore, our content development projects are focused both on high quality content and the visible dissemination of this content in ways that Google will identify as evidence of authority.

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“Content is King”, right?

The landscape of Digital Marketing is constantly shifting and, as such, hanging your hat on a three word search phrase is, at best, risky. Firstly, you need to understand what conceptual value the phrase articulates and then, you can move beyond the phrase and develop your own strategy that is immune to the passing of time.

Most, if not all, websites engage in search marketing for two key objectives:

  1. To increase their penetration into the market (traffic, generally by dint of improved rankings).
  2. To increase conversions from traffic generated.

The reason for the focus on Content is aimed squarely at achieving both of these goals.
Through the addition of content, you can demonstrate to Google that your site is

  1. Fresh
  2. Unique
  3. Topical
  4. Authoritative

This demonstration is one of the central factors that search engines use in establishing your site’s credibility (what Moz would call your “Domain Authority” or Google itself would refer to (historically) as “Page Rank”) and it is the successfulness (or otherwise) of this demonstration that determines your search rankings and, ultimately, the traffic you generate from organic search.

Moreover, through the addition of content, you seek to demonstrate your credibility to your actual visitors also. An informative and well-designed site provides traffic with the information to convince themselves of the value of your proposition. This, coupled with the authority you derive from your ranking position, provides a platform for enhanced conversion.

Not all content is equal

In the past, the addition of content to a domain through in-page copy, FAQ sections, Blogs, etc was the single effective source for the growth of a site’s authority and by developing in this way, a site could seek to garner a search engine’s approval for this in the form of improved rankings on relevant search phrases.

However, the quality of this content is assessed by Google with ever-increasing sophistication – as recently as five years ago, a site would gain ranking benefit from the repetitive embedding of key term across the footer of a homepage; now Google uses latent semantic indexing to truly analyse the uniqueness, veracity and overall value of fresh content – and the reality is that Google has the capacity to accurately value content of greater authority, just as human traffic does.

The days of differentiating between content writing for SEO and content writing for human readers are over and all written copy needs to consider how it can appeal to a visitor and show your credibility positively in reference to your competition.

All our content is written by high quality copywriters and is guaranteed to be unique and of perceptible value. And this value is established through a more sophisticated appreciation of how that value is currently being calculated – by listening to the potential audience (see Outreach) and giving them what they want. It is important that if clients are not commissioning copywriting services from us then they need to produce content to chime with the wider DM efforts.

Further, the value of good quality authorship extends beyond providing Google with evidence of your site’s authority within its field, it is also a key factor in developing valued and enduring inbound links (see Link Acquisition). Interesting and informative content attracts natural link development (particularly if promoted via social and traditional media) – a process known, colloquially, as “link baiting”.

Our content writing services range from redevelopment of in-page content for optimisation purposes (that is, the appropriate embedding of keyword sensitive copy to demonstrate authority to search engines when they cache the pages) to regular and consistent generation of blog/news articles to evidence a quality, ongoing engagement with an industry and the trusted voices within that industry.