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    Improving a site’s credibility is not just about content development; it’s about providing content that Google appreciates is authoritative and that resonates with others.

    An authority on a subject will, naturally, be knowledgeable. Moreover, they will be a source of information – people will refer to them, quote them, ask them questions, await their latest thoughts, subscribe to articles, read books by them. Google can judge this itself, to a degree, through its LSI caching but it can also use traffic data and links to confirm its opinion of credible content.

    Therefore, our content development projects are focused both on high quality content and the visible dissemination of this content in ways that Google will identify as evidence of authority.

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In every vertical, there are key macro phrases that it is highly desirable to rank for. They are the source of high levels of traffic, as well as establishing brand recognition and perceived authority from the consumer. This, however, is only part of the picture.

The reality, is that the highest volume search phrases do not always represent the best targets for a digital marketing campaign.

Firstly, due to the competitive nature of the search rankings, coupled with non-budgetary factors such as age of domain and domain authority relative to competitors, these terms can legitimately be out of reach to many websites.

Secondly, due to the fact that some of the larger phrases are investigatory or research orientated, the fact is that they may not represent conversion-rich targets, or at least not within the framework of a cost/benefit analysis.

As such, it is usually the case that the real success for a search marking project lies in measuring this approach with long tail targeting (LTT).

The Facts

  •  Long tail key phrases can drive more traffic when built over time.
  •  Traffic is available from hundreds/thousands of phrases that the competition is missing.
  •  The longer the key phrase the more convertible it can be.
  •  Well written, key phrase rich content attracts and keeps visitors.
Long tail strategy SEO Traditional SEO
Phrase example “Hotel Manchester central free parking free wifi” “Hotel Manchester ”
Competition Low Very high and growing.
Qualifications of ranking Text Parameters and some link profile (easier) Domain authority, age and link profile (hard)
Rapidity of Positioning Months Years
Conversion rates High Low/medium
Link Profile Very natural – lots of variety in anchor text. Unnatural bias towards one or two phrases.
Natural feel of content Lots of synonyms and a well targeted “word-cloud” Spammy irrelevant text, keyword stuffing.
Website Depth Deep links and well distributed content. Everything targeted to home page.

They are exactly as the name would suggest – longer key phrases, so “hotel Manchester” for example becomes “hotel Manchester with parking or hotel Manchester with parking and Wi-Fi”.

The reality being that the longer and more specific the search query the closer to the point of purchase / action the searcher becomes. In this example the first search has proved only mildly effective and thus a new string has been entered – upon finding the relevant result the percentage chance of conversion increases sharply.

In the case study below from a live client we see that traffic is being driven to the site from over 35,000 different key phrases. Please note that this is search traffic ONLY and not pay per click.

Google Analytics

Our methodology is predicated on establishing a strategically credible plan, based on analysis of a domain in relation to it’s competitors and it’s vertical.

Our team use this, in conjunction with our proprietary software to balance which phrases suit your industry and your website against what is achievable and offers a legitimate chance of return on investment for our clients at their target budget.

From this position, we can optimise the content that is already established onsite, along with identifying areas of required development, to establish a position of domain authority for conversion-rich search phrasing.

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