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    Engaging Content for your Website

    Improving a site’s credibility is not just about content development; it’s about providing content that Google appreciates is authoritative and that resonates with others.

    An authority on a subject will, naturally, be knowledgeable. Moreover, they will be a source of information – people will refer to them, quote them, ask them questions, await their latest thoughts, subscribe to articles, read books by them. Google can judge this itself, to a degree, through its LSI caching but it can also use traffic data and links to confirm its opinion of credible content.

    Therefore, our content development projects are focused both on high quality content and the visible dissemination of this content in ways that Google will identify as evidence of authority.

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Google is always developing its algorithm to improve the accuracy of its results and, at Digital State, our methodology reflects this by producing content that is highly authoritative and goes beyond simple SEO building blocks. This represents a low risk, future proof SEO strategy that interacts with the target audience and develops Domain Authority (DA) and SEO metrics (links and citations).

Simply put, our content outreach services try to maximise three key factors

  1. Developing valuable content for your site.
  2. Generating backlinks and social engagement and citation.
  3. Enhanced penetration into related audience networks.

Maximising the impact of your content

Regular content development shows that your site is active and is undeniably a huge factor in Search Marketing and influencing Search Rankings (SEO) but it is how you make the most of that content that can separate one site from another.

  • The quality of content is assessed by Google with ever-increasing sophistication and Google can discriminate between high and low value content.
  • Via outreach we push this content through as many influencers as possible to garner interaction, back links, shares, +1’s, citations, etc.

By identifying – and engaging – with a valued audience (through social and traditional media), we ensure your authoritative content is…

  • Tailored to the wants and needs of your audience.
  • Bringing the dual benefit of content that is highly valued (by both Google and your traffic) and increased respect within this audience by propagating back to your audience.