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    Immediate Results with Pay Per Click

    Paid Search, or Pay Per Click (PPC), refers to the bidding system whereby websites can achieve immediate front page listings for their favoured search terms, appearing as sponsored Ads above or below the engine’s organic results page.

    The management of these bidding campaigns is a complex one, requiring a detailed knowledge of the mechanics of the process along with a keen understanding of balancing traffic, conversions, bidding levels and budget to ensure a robust return on investment and a route, potentially, to greater market penetration.

    Digital State can provide anything from an audit to a full structural overhaul of a campaign and of course ongoing management.

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Digital State (DS) have been successfully managing client’s PPC accounts since the very beginning of the company’s formation. As will all our services, our PPC strategy is based on providing the best solutions to a client’s needs, working within allocated budget to maximise return of investment.

Whether you are setting up a brand new PPC campaign or you want to improve your existing campaign, DS’s proven strategies work. Our PPC management consists of:

  • Consultative advice on whether PPC services are right for your business.
  • Full set-up of your PPC campaign, following initial consultation.
  • Initial keyword research including competitor research.
  • Ad split testing to ensure highest possible click through rates (CTR).
  • Optimisation of your campaigns into more targeted ad groups as conversion data is analysed.
  • Tracking of your campaigns via services such as AdWords conversion tracking.
    • We use conversion tracking on all our PPC campaigns and are strong advocates of an integrated solution, using Google Analytics to improve all report and, by extension, all strategic analysis.  By doing this we can track down to keyword level which products and services you offer are performing best for you within your set daily budget.
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting (see below).
    • Each month clients receive a breakdown of their PPC campaigns in a clear understandable report for the previous month’s activities. Data provided in our monthly reports include:
      • Traffic by day.
      • Traffic from all sources.
      • Top performing keywords.
      • Traffic sources by town and city.
      • PPC overall monthly summary including cost per conversion (as set in analytics).
  • Monitoring of your PPC campaigns to ensure they perform as well as expected and that you are getting maximum return on investment (ROI).
    • A common sense attitude and approach to helping you get more targeted traffic to your website.
    • Helpful advice about stronger calls to action to help funnel traffic into positive actions.
    • Our customer relationship is open and transparent, with in-depth reporting and dedicated campaign managers for direct strategic support.

By having a well optimised PPC campaign you will receive more targeted traffic that will give you a better return of investment by maximising your conversions as well as driving down unnecessary expenditure.

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