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    Immediate Results with Pay Per Click

    Paid Search, or Pay Per Click (PPC), refers to the bidding system whereby websites can achieve immediate front page listings for their favoured search terms, appearing as sponsored Ads above or below the engine’s organic results page.

    The management of these bidding campaigns is a complex one, requiring a detailed knowledge of the mechanics of the process along with a keen understanding of balancing traffic, conversions, bidding levels and budget to ensure a robust return on investment and a route, potentially, to greater market penetration.

    Digital State can provide anything from an audit to a full structural overhaul of a campaign and of course ongoing management.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to the sponsored listings or paid links on a search engine’s results page. In Google these are called Adwords but different search engines use different descriptions. Listings appear because an advertiser has a prepaid campaign promoting their service or links to their website. These sponsored ads often appear above or to the right of the engine’s results page.

When a browser enters one of those keywords in a search query, the advertiser’s link and brief description will appear on the following Search Engine Results Page. If a browser clicks on the link, the advertiser (e.g. Google) is paid a certain amount of money associated with the pay-per-click campaign. The more competitive the market, the more the cost, although Google also consider the quality or otherwise of campaigns as a metric that influences position, this is often called “quality score”.

We have a dedicated team who manage PPC campaigns (including Google Adwords) for clients both individually and as part of broader search marketing campaigns. Our services can range from initial set up to a comprehensive audit and restructuring of an existing campaign to the on-going management and optimisation of a fully functioning campaign. The set up and implementation of a pay-per-click campaign can take just a few hours for a very simple campaign, to several days for more complex campaigns as opposed to natural search engine rankings which require months or years to gain desired rankings.

PPC campaigns, by their nature, establish an instant route to market and require careful management to ensure that budget is used effectively. When we manage them, our primary focus is on maximising efficiency and thus ROI. We establish this through the development of a structure informed by Google best practice and iterative improvement in keyword focus, bidding efficiency and conversion growth.

Pay-per-click campaigns offer real-time tracking, data on the effectiveness of keywords and phrases and many more measurements to provide campaign managers with the information to alter campaigns in real-time. This allows Digital State Marketing to respond very quickly to either positively or negatively performing ads. It’s a highly controllable route to market, offering an instant ON/OFF ability that natural search does not. Long term organic search almost always offers a stronger return on investment but paid search has its place and can often be the first route to market in a search marketing campaign.

Free PPC Audit

In the same way, that people rarely switch their bank accounts, one can become welded to one’s existing PPC management – the reality is, however, that just because it isn’t broken does not mean that it is as efficient as it can be.

A qualified and experienced PPC consultant will provide a professional audit of your campaign/s and thoroughly examine every element including, but not limited to…

• The key factors influencing your account and how these are reflected in your key metrics.
• Pros to be maximised and cons to be minimised
• Recommended improvements
• Discuss targets for the campaign

Contact us today to book your free PPC audit. Our audits are highly valuable and can make a real difference to your business.