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    Our monthly reporting is at the heart of our methodology. In order to identify, collate and analyse the key factors in the success of a campaign and then, as part of a flexible and reactive work schedule, engage in strategic discussions with clients, we have developed a reporting cycle that draws on Google Analytics and systematic Account Relationship Management to ensure optimal service.

    Digital State’s reporting manifesto is simple: we listen to our client’s needs and then adapt our proven methodologies to those needs. Always, we are conscious of the need to balance application of resource to maximum return of investment.

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  • Reporting

All of our clients have an Account Manager in order to have a direct point of contact beyond a sales person. An Account Manager is not only a point of contact for a client when a campaign begins but they are also able to explain the more technical sides to SEOin optimising a domain, generating authoritative content and developing a trusted link profile, along with discussing the data provided by Google Analytics to maximise conversion rates.

Your Account Manager will e-mail your Monthly Report to you, which contains detailed information, in regards to the progress of your campaign and on site activity; the level of detail varies depending upon the type of package chosen or upon bespoke requests.

As standard, this includes a detailed analytics report that provides data relating to:

  • daily and monthly traffic statistics
  • traffic sources
  • traffic generating keywords
  • landing page rankings for www.google.co.uk
  • indexed content metrics
  • strategic observations and recommendations for campaign development

In addition, we also provide, where relevant, a breakdown of all link acquisition work (including link topography based on Domain Authority) and, depending on scheduled activity, our monthly report pack may also incorporate copy-writing output, along with technical reports of onsite work or analysis. We do not publish “links lists” and are not a link broker.

Further to this, each month your Account Manager will arrange a convenient time for you to discuss the report and answer any questions you may have about its content or any general questions you may have about the campaign as a whole. Generally our clients would have an hour long session with their AM at no extra cost.

Within this monthly discussion the client can make changes to the finer details of the campaign, and we can adapt the campaign to better suit the client. One of our aims is to be pro-active within the campaign and produce suggestions for both the long and short term in order to achieve the best results possible for our clients.

If you would like further information about our Account Management service, please contact us