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    This type of detail can be found in our Monthly Reports or upon more detailed commissioned analysis, which allows us to create campaigns tailored to our client’s individual websites. For more information on how Digital State can tactically use your Google Analytics, contact us today.

    Google actively caches Social Media output and it is a legitimate consideration in their ranking algorithm. Quite simply, there is no escaping the need for all digitally-focused organisations to firmly establish (and engage actively with) their social media presence.

    At Digital State we have Social Media packages that truly focus on your target audience incorporating brand awareness, building loyalty between yourselves and your potential customers and improving already formed relationships.

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Social Media now plays a central role in the success of an online business and this can be articulated in three forms.

  • Direct validation from your audience
  • Improved algorithmic authority
  • Improved interaction and engagement

The use of Social Media is ground-breaking in terms of communicating with your target audience. Social Media platforms give you the ability to communicate directly with customers, and opportunities to engage with new ones.

And in much the same way that the benefit to customer loyalty and brand validation through audience engagement can be seen as an adjunct to the traditional values of quality customer service, the increasing capacity of social media engagement to be valued as an indicator of authority (indeed a recognised factor in search engines calculations thereof) can be seen as an extension of the traditional value of inbound links.

The reality is that the language of the internet is interactive and social media is, more and more, its main instrument. To achieve success with search engines and your customers, you need to be effectively utilising social media.

The key features of a Social Media Package with DSM are as follows:

  • A consultative development period to identify key targets and an appropriate schedule of activity.
    • This is vital in establishing common goals, measures and strategies, along with identifying key connectors and influencers within your potential audience.
  • Creates multiple outlets to promote your brand and associated online offerings.
  • Create user driven content that is unique and fresh.
    • Through interesting, authoritative content you develop your social media credibility.
  • Claim and connect – connect your profiles online to maximise authority
    • Your content is noticed and shared, developing awareness and increasing both your audience and your authority.
  • The data from your Social Media activity can be reviewed in analytics and the impact measured and then optimised.
    • Reporting is something which we pride ourselves on at Digital State Group, as we aim to offer the best in the industry. By drawing a direct line from our initial goals, through our activity and to our results, this allows us to improve our campaigns, and lets you know what we are doing.