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    Keeping your Website Current and Compliant

    One of the key aspects for any search engine optimisation campaign relates to the technical specification and design of the website.

    In the rapidly changing world of digital marketing, it is imperative that your site is technically robust. Even if SEO was taken into consideration when a website was first built, the search engine algorithms change, resulting in the technical compliance recommendations of yesteryear being obsolete. It is vital as part of any SEO campaign to revisit your website from a technical perspective on a consistent and frequent basis.

    Here at Digital State we undertake technical audits on a regular basis and are continually carrying out research to ensure our practices meet current industry compliance and recommendations.

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  • Technical Audit & Compliance

We conduct a page-specific audit of the website from a technical perspective, identifying areas that are hindering the impact of the site – both in terms of usability AND SEO. We can also review existing pages on the site to ensure that authoritative content and appropriate meta-tagging are deployed to support the targeted phrases of our campaign.

Target themes (and relevant search phrases) are also monitored within metadata; the use of alt and title tags on images are analysed; the number of inbound links is assessed along with the percentage of nofollow versus follow. These are just some of the aspects examined within a technical audit, the full list could be much longer and will alter with the latest updates and requirements.

Audit work can also be expanded to incorporate a competitor analysis that compares the technical quality of the client site against specified competitors in order to identify potential improvements. After the detailed audit has been completed, recommendations can be provided and a plan put together to ensure the required work is executed in priority order.

We welcome anyone to contact us should they have any specific SEO enquiry or if you’d like us to take a look at your website from a SEO technical audit perspective.