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    Enhancing your Company’s Online Image

    When all is said and done, the most important opinions about a website (and, by extension, its brand) are made within the first seconds of a user’s visit.

    As such, your web design plays a huge part in encouraging visitors to relate to a site and to engage with it by travelling deeper into it. We provide consultancy to ensure websites are built with both SEO (and wider search marketing) and end user optimisation in mind. A site needs to work for the search engines but it also needs to work for the human end user or the conversion rates and overall engagement will be low.

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In the modern world, all businesses benefit from a strong online presence. Whether you sell products and services directly from your website or need a professional and articulate representation of your business to refer, your website is central to the development and maintenance of your brand and, by extension, your success.

To ensure your site is doing its job, DS focus on four core principles:

  • A strong, brand driven bespoke web design

As mentioned above, your website is pivotal to the successful presentation of your brand in the 21st Century. And without due consideration to your site’s aims (and how to achieve them), no site can hope to maximise its success.

  • A content management system (CMS)

DS always insist that our web builds have a CMS so that clients have the capacity to adapt elements of their own site without recourse to a Web Developer to best suit their own service provision.

  • Industry standard back-end coding

Our technical lead ensures best practice in whatever design, platform and technology we engage with.

  • User and search engine (SEO and Digital Marketing) friendly construction and search engine optimisation (SEO)

Naturally, as a digital and search marketing company, our central concern is with ensuring that your site provides as much marketing (and by extension commercial) impact as possible.

By matching products, services, information and solutions to your potential customers in the way that they want and need it to me presented, you are maximising their interest in your site and their engagement with your business. Considerations such as strengthening a page’s “call to action”, simplifying the navigation from home page to conversion pages and balancing colour, font and images to draw the eye around page are all central to the successful traffic management of a site.

Clearly, if you want to be found via the search engines, you need to achieve ranking success and pivotal in the assessment of a site’s authority is the reaction of visitors within the site. As such, the design of your website not only can make or break your relationship with your traffic, it can also determine whether you get to capture that traffic in the first place.

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