DuckDuckGo Adds More Languages to Instant Answers

February 26, 2015 - ContentTransfer

DuckDuckGo, “The search engine that doesn’t track you”, has added 9 million answers in French, German, Czech and Polish to their Instant Answers.

The Instant Answers feature allows users to see the answers to thousands of queries without clicking through to any other websites. This feature includes the answers to queries regarding people, places and words. For example, searching for a word preceded or followed by the word ‘rhyme’ instantly brings up a list of words that rhyme with that word. Other interesting instant answers include the ‘related words instant answer’ feature, which brings up a list of synonyms for a searched word. It also has an instant strong password generator, stopwatch, and weather forecast instant answer.

Around a week ago, DuckDuckGo announced that over 9 million articles from the French, German, Czech and Polish Wikipedia are now part of the instant answers database.

The examples they gave were as follows:
• Notre Dame in French
• Carl Friedrich Gauss in German
• The UN in Czech
• Nicolaus Copernicus in Polish

A quick search on Carl Friedrich Gauss produces the instant answer from the German Wikipedia as follows:
Carl Gauss German
The text underneath his name translates as “Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß was a German mathematician, astronomer, physicist and geodetic”. The text in the box on the right is headed ‘Related Topics’ (Verwandte Themen) with the topics below translating roughly to ‘Carl Friedrich Gauss category’, ‘Honorary citizen of Brunswick’, ‘Honorary Citizen of Göttingen’, ‘Statisticians (19th century)’.

Interestingly, when the search is modified with the addition of ‘English’ to the search, the instant answer differs quite significantly, with details of his birth and death in the right-hand box, instead of related topics. See the screen-rip of the English answer below:
Carl Gauss English

To see these new answers, simply change your language on the DuckDuckGo settings page if your web browser is not already set up to prefer one of the languages in question.
DuckDuckGo are reportedly adding further languages in the coming months, with Spanish and Russian coming next. They also said that if you wish to request a language or give feedback, you can contact them via Twitter or by email.

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