Google Improving Health Information in Knowledge Graph

February 13, 2015 - ContentTransfer


We all know we shouldn’t Google health-related questions – what’s a simple common cold or tummy bug can become something terrifying and life threatening when we trust our self-diagnosis before visiting a doctor. Nevertheless, we all do it anyway. Whilst we should all go to a doctor regarding our health concerns, searching for our symptoms can be a helpful start to figuring out what’s wrong with us.

However, if you’ve ever searched your own symptoms, then you’ll know that the web is full of information that’s untrustworthy, contradictory, and sometimes quite simply wrong. Google have responded to this by improving the information available in their knowledge graphs relating to health, so that users can quickly access credible health information.

To do this, Google have reportedly consulted doctors, medical illustrators and the Mayo Clinic to gather quality in-depth information on over 400 medical conditions. This information will reportedly include “typical symptoms and treatments, as well as details on how common the condition is—whether it’s critical, if it’s contagious, what ages it affects, and more”.

The idea of this new feature is for people to be able to find accurate information quickly, so that you should then “find it easier to do more research on other sites around the web, or know what questions to ask your doctor.”

This feature is in the U.S. only at the moment on the Google app and desktop, but Google reportedly plans on extending its availability. Will this feature cause publishers to see a decrease in click throughs? Will it lead to more accurate information being posted online? Only time will tell.

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