Is Google Toolbar’s PageRank display Officially Dead?

October 10, 2014 - ContentTransfer

First things first, what’s PageRank and what’s Google Toolbar’s PageRank display?

If you’re wondering what PageRank is – it’s a system for ranking web pages a little bit like a voting system. Google counts how many links to a page there are, considers the quality of these links and decides the ranking of the page based on this. Then, when a user searches something in Google, it uses this information and other information such as the content of the page to provide the user with the best quality and most relevant sites for their query.
Google Toolbar’s PageRank display was basically a way for users to see what PageRank Google had given the site. This allowed users to make their own judgements on the quality of a site with the assistance of Google.

What’s happened to Google Toolbar’s PageRank display?

In October 2013, Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts implied there would not be an update for Google’s Toolbar PageRank before 2014. In December 2013 Google, albeit accidentally, updated Toolbar PageRank. And since then we haven’t seen any more updates.
Now, ten months since the last update, Google’s John Mueller has said in a video Google+ hangout that Google probably won’t update Google Toolbar PageRank again.
As explained by Search Engine Land, it’s no surprise since there’s no Google Toolbar or add on to show PageRank values for Google chrome. Google also got rid of its Toolbar for Firefox. This means the only remaining browser to have a PageRank display is Internet Explorer – and the data for that display is over 6 months old.
So is Google Toolbar’s PageRank gone forever? Probably, maybe.

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