Bing’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

May 22, 2015 - ContentTransfer

Last month, we reported that Bing had begun testing a mobile-friendly label in their search results. Since then, Bing have announced that they will be rolling the feature out fully after testing proved the label a positive adjustment.

After Bing made such changes, apparently following in Google’s footsteps, we wondered whether they would also follow in Google’s footsteps regarding a mobile-friendly algorithm. Last Thursday, Bing announced that this is indeed the case.

In their announcement, Bing said that this new mobile-friendly algorithm will roll out over the coming months, taking a slower approach than Google in order to prevent the anxiety seen with Mobilegeddon.

They also explained what factors determine whether your website is mobile friendly and how to get their mobile friendly label. These factors are navigation, readability, scrolling and compatibility. Essentially, Bing require your site to be easy to navigate with large well-spaced buttons, easy to read with large enough text, the correct width to avoid horizontal scrolling and compatible with mobiles, so all content can be viewed on a mobile device.

About the algorithm, Bing said that relevancy will always be more important than mobile-friendliness – reflecting a concern seen with many webmasters regarding the Google mobile algorithm too.

As with Google, Bing have also said that the algorithm will be real time, so you will benefit from the algorithm as soon as you make changes to go mobile friendly.

If you would like to know more about how to go mobile friendly for Bing, then they are launching a tool later this year for you to test your site’s mobile friendliness. Since the requirements are likely to be very similar to Google’s, however, Google’s testing tool may be a good alternative for now.

If you would like help with or advice regarding making your site mobile friendly, whether for Google or Bing, then talk to someone at Search Marketing Group today.