The changing face of pay per click for search marketing

April 3, 2014 - ContentTransfer

Within January and February 2014 it was discovered that just 177 car manufacturers created $14.4 million paid search clicks from Google ads (excluding those made on mobile devices). The Search Marketing Group believe this type of research is vital to companies so they can see how campaigns are working, where competition lies and where improvements and developments can be made.

Adgooroo completed the search marketing research in March 2014 and found car manufacture to be one of the most competitive groups in paid search. They compared paid search between desktops and tablets with paid search on mobile phones. Interestingly they found some differences between the leaders dependant on the device used, with some flagging behind in pay per click on mobile devices.

Manufacturers will certainly take an interest in paid search clicks via mobile as this appears to be an area that some companies could improve upon in order to take leadership within their market area. Marin Software believe that by December 2015 50% of google paid search clicks will be from mobile devices showing the areas growing importance. The increase in use of pay per click on mobile devices may also account for a decrease in overall revenue from pay per click on desktops and tablets from 2012 to 2013.

It is vital to companies to consider pay per click as it can mean your adverts show up higher in the google search so consumers are more likely to notice you and be drawn to your site. You can also measure the campaign to see if using pay per click does in fact increase your revenue. You can reach a larger audience if you use pay per click for both desktops and mobiles and as the mobile search market is a growing area it should really be considered within your campaign.

The question is how to implement your pay per click campaign. It is often best to leave this to the experts and here at the Search Marketing Group we would be happy to discuss your requirements. Contact us now to learn how a pay per click campaign can be implemented to benefit your business.