Chrome Now Fully Supports “Autocomplete” Attribute for Form Fields

March 26, 2015 - ContentTransfer

When shopping online or completing a registration form online, users are often faced with having to repeatedly type information such as names and email addresses across different websites. This can take a fairly considerable amount of time, especially if our names, addresses, email addresses and so on are long and complicated.

In this day and age, we want to be able to order goods or complete forms as quickly as possible and having to fill out our details every time can hinder this. If the user is in a rush, then they might simply choose not to use sites without autocomplete, and favour those that do. Not only that, but users also frequently make mistakes when filling out information each time – especially if they are rushing the process – which can lead to users not getting what they want, or becoming frustrated with the process.

Being able to fill out forms quickly and accurately is therefore essential for the best user experience, which is – of course – essential for the success of the business in question.

In order to help with this, Google made form-filling faster, easier and smarter three years ago with their announcement of ‘support in Chrome for an experimental new “autocomplete type” attribute for form fields that allows web developers to unambiguously label text and select fields with common data types such as “full-name” or “street-address”… without changing the user interface or the backend’.

Now, as announced on Tuesday 17th March, ‘Chrome fully supports the “autocomplete” attribute for form fields according to the current WHATWG HTML Standard’. Reportedly, numerous webmasters have increased the rate of form completions using auto-completion, improving the ease of browsing for users, which Google say is very important.

The easier it is for users to get what they want, the more likely they are to continue using your website and use it again in future. There’s nothing worse than having to type in a 30+ character email address every time you want to fill out a form, and autocomplete is the perfect answer to this.

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