ComScore Search Report – Google Down, Bing-Yahoo Up

December 4, 2014 - ContentTransfer

ComScore have released their October report, showing that Google’s share of the US search market dropped slightly in that month. Unsurprisingly, the giant still hold the majority of the share but have nevertheless seen a slight loss.

The figures:

In September 2014, the percentage share was as follows (note that ‘Microsoft Sites’ refers to Bing):

Google Sites: 67.3%

Microsoft Sites: 19.4%

Yahoo Sites: 10.00%

Ask Network: 2.0%

AOL, Inc.: 1.3%

This changed in October 2014 to the percentage share:

Google Sites: 67.0%

Microsoft Sites: 19.5%

Yahoo Sites: 10.3%

Ask Network: 1.9%

AOL, Inc.: 1.2%

What does this show?

This shows a point change of 0.3 loss for Google Sites, a 0.1 increase for Microsoft sites (Bing), a 0.3 increase for Yahoo, a 0.1 loss for Ask Network and a 0.1 loss also for AOL, Inc.

These results are for desktop searches, not mobile searches, so do not show Google’s strong position in mobile search.

StatCounter results

StatCounter suggest that Google’s US desktop market share is higher – 76.4%, compared to Bing at 13% and Yahoo at 9%. Their data also shows the difference in desktop and mobile search data, reporting that Google has 83.3% of the mobile search market share, whilst Bing has 6.1% and Yahoo has 10.2%.

Although the data released by StatCounter is different to that released by ComScore, they nevertheless both reflect the trust built up by Google in its users. It is this trust that causes users to become loyal to a search engine, and it is this trust that companies crave. The results also reflect differences in mobile search and desktop search – emphasising the need to consider mobile vs. desktop when optimizing your website.


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