DuckDuckGo Reach 10 Million Daily Queries

June 26, 2015 - ContentTransfer

DuckDuckGo announced this week that they have reached ten million searches a day for the first time. Along with their announcement, they published a graph showing the steep incline in searches over the last 5 years.

In order to celebrate this, they are giving away ten thousand DuckDuckGo t-shirts to people who get their friends and family to use the site too.

DuckDuckGo are putting the reaching of this milestone down to their focus on privacy, quoting that “40% [of Americans] think that their search engine provider shouldn’t retain information about their activity”. They also imply that the reason why they are not more popular is because people have simply never heard of them, stating that “only a few percent of people have even heard of DuckDuckGo and other private alternatives. Getting the word out is our biggest challenge”.

In their post reporting the progress, DuckDuckGo then go on to provide some advice on protecting your online privacy, stating: First, switch your search engine, email and other major services where your personal information is heavily tracked to good private alternatives . Second, add EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere plugin to your browser, which will encrypt web site connections where possible. Third, add EFF’s Privacy Badger plugin to your browser, which blocks third-party trackers. These three simple changes will pretty seamlessly and significantly reduce your digital footprint.”

They also let us know that they are now a built-in search option in Safari and Firefox, recent news that further shows their recent success in terms of growth. The addition to Firefox reportedly makes DuckDuckGo the “first privacy-focused search engine to be added to one of the top four browsers”.

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