Google AdWords Launches Android App

February 26, 2015 - ContentTransfer

In July 2014, Google launched an AdWords Express app, a simplified version of AdWords. AdWords Express was designed specifically for small local businesses who don’t have the time for PPC but would still benefit from Google advertising. The app, therefore, has a number of time-saving features – for example, it automatically finds keywords and sets bids for you.

However, Google AdWords Express’ advantages are also its downfalls. This blog post, ‘Google AdWords Express: The Pros and Cons’, runs through the pros and cons of AdWords Express, explaining that the ease of use, broad targeting and automation cause a number of problems with campaigns, meaning that often it is not as accurate as the full AdWords.

Assumptions made regarding budgets and bids, and broad targeting mean that you risk your ad appearing for unwanted terms, and risk Google optimizing your campaign for the wrong search terms.

These problems with a lack of control and inaccurate targeting meant that advertisers still wanted an app for the full AdWords. Last week, Google fulfilled this wish and launched a new Android app for Google AdWords advertisers.

The new app is free to download, but currently only available in Canada (global version coming ‘soon’).

The idea is that you can keep track of your ad campaigns no matter where you are, so long as you have an Android smartphone. The app is available in the Google Play store, and has the following features (as described in the store):
View campaign stats
Update bids and budgets
Get real-time alerts and notifications
Call a Google expert
Act on suggestions to improve your campaigns

To view screenshots of the app in action, visit the Google Play store where you can see how the app works.

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