Google Launches mobile-friendly search labels

November 19, 2014 - ContentTransfer

If you’re a mobile searcher, then your online experience may be about to improve. Google have launched a label for mobile-friendly sites in the mobile search results.

Many sites are not well optimized for mobile users, and thus negatively affect the experience of the user. For example, some sites have not edited the layout/size of the text and thus mobile users have to zoom in and scroll around the page to read it. Imagine literally just shrinking a webpage on a desktop to the size of your smartphone screen – more than likely not easy to read.

Other websites are optimized well, with text an appropriate size so it can be easily read by simply scrolling down the page. Well optimized sites will also have links that are easy to click on a small screen, and will most likely avoid pop-up ads that are difficult to close down on a mobile. You can find more information on what factors contribute toward a well optimized site here.

The mobile-friendly label is designed to inform mobile searchers of which sites are mobile-friendly, and which are not. This label is displayed underneath the URL in the search result, and it reads simply “Mobile-friendly”.

Google have recommended that you test your site using the new Mobile-Friendly Test tool, have a fresh look at their guidelines for mobile friendly sites and use other tools available to you in order to increase the mobile-friendliness of your site.
Not only will this improve the experience of users on your site, keeping them on your page and encouraging return to your page, but Google are also experimenting with a new ranking algorithm for mobile-friendly sites. Whatever it is they are trying to achieve, if the experiments go well then you might find that in future you will not only be penalized for having bad mobile website but will also be rewarded for having a good one. Worth keeping an eye on!

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