Google Getting Rid of Emojis in Search Results

May 22, 2015 - ContentTransfer

About three weeks ago, Google began showing emoji characters on desktop search results. Although these were not searchable like on Bing, they had the advantage of allowing web pages to use them to gain visibility. Or disadvantage, depending on how you look at it.

The main problem with showing emojis on search results is precisely that they draw user attention by their nature. This allows webmasters to add emojis to their titles in order to increase visibility without having to move up the ranks.

About a week after Google began showing emojis, this potential became a reality with webmasters beginning to add the symbols – even big names such as Expedia. As was expected, lots of other webmasters followed suit and more and more emojis began turning up on the search results.

Last week, Google announced that they will be removing the emojis from search results soon. Whilst there are no penalties for using them, it will simply be pointless to do so.

To most of us, this will have come as no surprise. The real surprise is that they were allowed into the search results in the first place. This was always going to end in spam.

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