Google set to update Adwords ad policy – what changes are to be made?

September 15, 2014 - ContentTransfer

Google has said it will update the Adwords ad policy this month, with the goal being to clarify the rules on what can and cannot be advertised. Currently, a number of ads appear to be in violation of the present rules but still appear in the search results. The revised rules intend to offer more explanation of what is and is not allowed, as well as state some new restrictions on advertising.

New Restrictions

Whilst Google has stated that almost all advertisers will be unaffected, there are some new restrictions on the advertisement of weapons, tobacco and fireworks (as they are classed as Dangerous Products). For example, the advertisement of paintball guns, airsoft guns, BB guns, gun scopes, ammunition belts, stun guns and tactical knives is no longer allowed. Additionally, and perhaps more surprisingly, Google will now also restrict advertisement regarding “drinks that resemble alcoholic beverages”.

Clarification of Policies

In order to clarify the Adwords policies, Google is also going to reduce the number of broad policy categories. Thus, the seven previous categories: User Experience; Safety and Security; Accurate Ads; Transparency and Privacy; Restricted Products and Services; Trademark, Copyright and Counterfeit; Google’s Brand, has been reduced to four categories: Prohibited content; Prohibited practices; Restricted content; Editorial and technical.

If you don’t follow the rules:

If you don’t abide by this policy then you may suffer one of three punishments:

1)      The ad may be disapproved and thus will not run until the violation is fixed.

2)      The website which is violating the policy may be suspended and thus the site will not be able to be advertised until the violation is fixed.

3)      The account involved may be suspended if the violation is serious or there is several violations and thus all ads in the account will stop running and Google may not accept any more advertising from you. Related accounts may also get suspended as well as new accounts made.


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