Google’s Knowledge Graph Now Also Showing Brands’ Social Profiles

January 21, 2015 - ContentTransfer

Within the Google knowledge graph box for brands, there are now links to the brand’s social network profiles.

If you remember, in November, Google began adding links to social networks other than Google+ in their knowledge graph box. By including links to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, it seemed that Google may have been acting positively in response to criticism about their exclusion of social sites other than Google+. This, however, applied only to some celebrities and groups such as singers, bands and actors.

The criticism and controversy surrounded their 2012 feature “Search Plus Your World”, which resulted in Google being criticised heavily for including links and content from Google+ in search results, but no links or content from other social sites.

Whilst the initial controversy has faded somewhat, it no doubt left the impression in our minds that Google prioritises its own content in search results. Not exactly surprising, but still a little restrictive. As users, and as people, we don’t like our information being filtered. We expect to see everything as it is, and when we do Google searches we expect all the information to be there. The exclusion of social networks feels deceptive, and this puts Google in a bad light.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Google have continued adding other social networks beyond Google+ to the knowledge graph box, now moving beyond individuals and groups to brands. As reported by Search Engine Land, brand names such as Pixar, Apple, Starbucks and Google now have other social profile links within their knowledge graph boxes.

Additionally, Google have announced that you can now use markup on your official website in order to add your social profile information to the knowledge graph box. For more information about how to add your social profile information to the knowledge graph box, visit this Google Page.

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