Google’s News Algorithm Apparently Has Over 200 Ranking Factors

January 6, 2015 - ContentTransfer

Stacie Chan, a member of the Google News team has suggested that the Google News algorithm has over 200 ranking factors for ranking. As reported by Seroundtable, Stacie posted in a Google News Help thread in reply to a user and said that there are over 200 factors used by the Google News algorithm.

The post that Chan replied to included a number of questions, with the most central being, “Why can’t a custom section be sorted so that the most recent news stories are at the top?”.

Her reply was as follows:

“News stories are clustered not just by recency, but by over 200 factors, many that fall under originality, relevance, and authority. The most recent story may not be the first shown because there may be an exclusive or other story that the algorithm chooses as the most relevant story.
However, the top story is often within the last few minutes to ensure that is a very recent article.”

As put forward by Seroundtable, it is not clear whether Stacie is referring to the ranking factors for Google News in itself or Google Web Search as a whole. If she is referring to Google Web Search as a whole then this is no surprise, it is well known that Google uses over 200 ranking factors in total. If this is the case then it may just be that she is using Google’s usual line when it comes to the numbers of ranking factors. It will certainly be interesting to hear more about this, and to find out what exactly she is referring to in the post.

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