How can email help SEO?

January 7, 2015 - ContentTransfer

Although your emails evidently will not increase rankings by themselves, they can be used to drive traffic to your site. Read on to find out how you can use email to benefit your SEO campaign.

Use email to entice readers into reading your blog posts

Emailing your readers with information regarding your blog posts/ articles can help guide them towards your site. You could, for example, email subscribers with a snippet of your blog post so they are tempted to visit your site for the full post. Splitting your email contacts into groups can help with this, allowing you to target those most likely to be interested in the post. Also make sure you have clear calls to action so the reader knows exactly what it is you’re asking them to do. Don’t just provide a link to the blog/article – make sure the reader knows that following the lead gives them access to the post.

Use email to encourage readers to engage with your site

Within your emails to readers, another way to increase involvement is to include a call-to-action that directly encourages engagement with your site/blog. You could directly ask readers to leave a comment on the blog, perhaps asking for their input or advice. This directly informs that not only is there an option for them to comment, but their comment is also wanted and valued. You could also ask people to check out your social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter as this encourages engagement on platforms that many users may be more comfortable with. Encouraging engagement ensures that your readers get involved with your content and increases the chances of them revisiting your site, thus driving traffic.

Using email to encourage readers to subscribe elsewhere

In your emails to readers, another way to attract and maintain their attention is to encourage subscription to platforms such as Youtube and to connect via RSS. Engagement across platforms ensures your users are always aware of your recent activity and keeps them hooked. Engagement across various platforms and the increased visibility as a result again helps drive traffic to your site as the users themselves stay interested but also as your visibility spreads. The more Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers or Facebook likes you have, the more likely new users are to come across your content. Not only that, but a good amount of engagement also humanizes your company and helps users feel involved.