Increased Focus on SEO Generated 10 Times More Visitors for Twitter

November 14, 2014 - ContentTransfer

Recently, at the Twitter Analyst Day, Twitter’s director of product management Trevor O’Brien said that Twitter had made a change so that search engines would have better access to popular hashtag pages. And it seems that increasing access to those 50,000 pages has made a considerable impact as the change has helped create a tenfold increase in logged-out visitors to the Twitter site.

The hashtag pages mentioned are in place to help promote specific things going on in the world and improve how trends and brands are promoted. These pages are made specifically for advertisers of big events or promotional campaigns.

When a user searches for a hashtag that has a page (Search Engine Land uses the example of #alexfromtarget, which went viral recently), the page should come up in the search results. When the user then clicks on the link, they will land on a page within twitter that is dedicated to the hashtag.

This change has apparently raised the number of logged out users going to the site from 7.5 million per month to 75 million per month. Evidently this is good news for Twitter as these pages are designed to encourage the logged out users viewing them to sign up.

If nothing else, Twitter have shown us that SEO is just as useful in driving traffic as social media. If it can make an effect to a site as large and as (evidently) social media focused as Twitter, then it can make a difference to any site.

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