No, it Wasn’t a Panda Update

May 8, 2015 - ContentTransfer

Beginning last Friday, and lasting throughout the weekend, there was speculation across the web that there may have been a Google Update. The majority of this speculation focused around Panda, but this has been denied by Google. In fact, Google have denied here has been any update at all.

If you take a look around various SEO-related websites, there are scores of comments reporting ranking changes that look a lot like the result of an algorithm. Some people are seeing huge increases, others huge decreases, and it seems that it must have been caused by some outside force… but apparently not an algorithm update.

As pointed out by Barry Schwartz, the changes seen could be “something Google rolled out specifically impacting some sites that may have bought links in a specific network? It may be a limited update? Or it might be a bug.” Or, as he pointed out in another post, it could be a sort of update but “not according to Google’s terminology” – with reference to the launching of Hummingbird and Schwartz’s reports of updates, which were denied by Google. The implication, it seems, is that there has not been an algorithm update in the strictest sense of the word – but that there is still the possibility that something has changed.

The speculation around this being Panda related is, of course, largely to do with the growing impatience for the next update. The last time we saw a Panda update was Panda 4.1, which finished rolling out in October 2014. Those negatively affected by this eagerly await the next update to find out whether any changes made have been sufficient, and the general feeling is that the update is a little overdue.

Despite speculation, despite the long wait for Panda, Google have confirmed that this is not a Panda update.

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