Panda update is good news for smaller businesses

March 19, 2014 - ContentTransfer

News regarding the latest Panda update describes a “softer” and “gentler” algorithm which will directly impact the online performance of smaller businesses. Announcements from Matt Cutt’s himself indicates that the Panda update is driven by the aim of getting smaller businesses to rank higher in the google search results. Therefore, here at The Search Marketing Group we are pleased to share with you the news that the gentler algorithm is hoped to have a positive impact on the performance of small businesses.

Googlers on Matt Cutt’s team are currently focusing upon an algorithmic change that is specific to the positive performance of those smaller businesses within Google. This update is great news for these businesses which can too easily get lost in the sea of Google’s search results. Having the chance to compete higher in Google’s rankings is fundamental to the performance of an online business.

Originally, the Panda algorithm was launched as a solution to sites with thin and low quality content that were ranking prominently in Google’s Search results. However, the reality was that less authorative sites bared the brunt of the update. As smaller businesses would fall into the category of less authorative sites, they would feel the force of the Panda regardless of the quality of their content. As a Search Marketing Company we know how frustrating this can be.

The consequence was that the big branded sites would dominate the search results at the expense of smaller businesses. For instance, in practice, a product related search on Google will bring up sites like Amazon at the top of the search results. This impacts on the ability of the smaller businesses to compete here, meaning all focus goes into the bigger, well-known companies irrespective of the quality of the products or services and better prices.

It seems from these recent announcements that Google is looking for results from sites that have a genuine passion and interest in the product which is evident in the content, unlike the same old boiler plate text you see from Amazon. So instead of a search for dog grooming equipment bringing up Amazon results, they would prefer to be showing results from, for instance.

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