The Multiple Personas of Local Search Marketing

February 23, 2011 - ContentTransfer

The scope of “local search marketing” extends far beyond getting a top spot in Google – yet big brands and small businesses alike are not yet taking advantage of all the opportunities to be “found” by customers online. The phrase ‘local search marketing’ extends way beyond the simple optimisation of search phrases including regional adaptations and geographical specific terms.

With the introduction of widespread hand-held devices, consumers are searching for local products and services in different ways, using various formats and multiple devices. They might look for a drycleaner from their phone, scan listings of local restaurants from their car and research plumbers from their home computer. If your online marketing doesn’t make you visible in every one of those searches, you’re losing potential customers. This is one of the potentials of local search marketing. Google maps and other mapping software is important, as local advertising using electronic methods becomes increasingly prevalent.

What needs to be addressed in how local search is changing in the United States. This will offer an insight into the U.K. marketplace as it continues to develop globally. The Search Marketing Group has many years experience in promoting a site in the local listings and could help a company in need of local search marketing.

Our packages here at SMG can make the site visible in a variety of searches, whether at home, on the move or in the car. Local search engine marketing requires the optimisation of short tail phrases along with the more specific long-tail phrase. For example ‘search marketing’ along with ‘search marketing Cumbria’. The long-tail phrase with the locality inserted has fewer searches, however there is significantly less competition and so it is easier to get into the top 10 and hence increasing traffic from that phrase.

The Search Marketing Group makes it easy for small and mid-size businesses to be found online, regardless of where and how customers are looking. Each website has different characteristics and is targeting a certain market, and so the local search marketing campaign should reflect this. We also have tested the use of search as a reliable, measurable avenue to connect directly with a buyer’s needs. The search engines should not be underestimated in this field; they recognise the increasing use of local search marketing and understand that they need to be wary of underhand marketing methods.

Regional and local search marketing are fast becoming the marketing method of choice for small and mid-sized firms; do not forget the scope of this when allocating your marketing budget at the beginning of the fiscal year.